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Kaeser Law Firm is dedicated to efficiently and effectively advocate for the educational rights of children with disabilities. It is my honor to work to ensure that children with special needs receive a free and appropriate public education tailored to his or her unique academic and functional needs and to support and empower parents to confidently advocate for all the resources and services available to improve the quality of their child’s education in the future.

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About One in Ten California Students Receives Special Education Services. Special education is a broad term that encompasses the specialized services that schools provide for disabled students. In 1975, Congress enacted the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to protect the educational rights of children who are disabled. These laws were created to ensure that children with special educational needs are identified as early as possible and receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Federal law requires schools to provide “specially defined instruction, and related services, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability.” Most special education requirements are contained in federal law, although the state Legislature also has passed some additional laws governing how California schools must serve disabled students. The law requires schools to provide disabled students with these special supports from age 3 until age 22, or until they graduate from high school, whichever happens first. These services are in addition to what a nondisabled student receives.

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All of our kids get to go to school and get a fair chance to learn. For our kids with disabilities, that means getting school services that meet their individual needs. To meet those needs, schools are required to provide specially designed instruction by adapting and modifying what and how the school teaches.

Special education is services and supports and teaching our children with disabilities so that they can do well in school; it is not a place. Public and Charter schools must work with children with disabilities and provide them with appropriate supports so that our kids have access to education just like their typically developing peers. If your child is qualified for special education services, your child will receive an Individualized Education Program (IEP) set up by you and your child’s school. Special education should meet your child’s individual needs. Your child’s services and instruction should take place in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Special education is free and should be “appropriate.” It can help our kids make meaningful progress in school.

At KLF, we believe parents know their kids best and trust educators are trained how to teach students with disabilities. However, because disputes arise over the delivery of special education services, and school districts engage law firms and attorneys to support their positions, parents will likely need their own protection and leverage by engaging an attorney.

At KLF we strive to keep the relationship between the school district and the parents who become our clients amicable and friendly. Even though we may ultimately have to file a lawsuit against the school district, we begin by trying to develop a stronger mutual understanding between our clients and their child’s school district, removing our clients’ inherent disadvantages in the system and putting their family in a position of power and respect.

Kaeser Law Firm will represent families and students with special needs in the following areas of civil rights:

  • Special Education, IEP & 504 Advocacy

    KLF will assist your student with educational issues under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), including Individualized Education Programs (IEP) for kids 3 through 21 years of age and rights under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. If you have a child that you suspect may have a disability, you have the right to have them assessed by your school district free of charge. KLF can help your student receive this assessment. Please don’t be afraid to have your child identified for a suspected disability. Once identified with a disability, we can guide you through the IEP process, help define the goals you believe best for your child’s development, empower you to advocate for your child more confidently in the team meetings, facilitate open communication with the school or act as your representative at the meetings. Many times, establishing a good IEP or 504 plan from the start can help avoid disappointment and misunderstandings down the road. If your loved one does have a disability that is negatively affecting their education, they could be entitled to services that may include: disability determination, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and modifications of regular education such as preferential seating, extra time for tests, homework modification, computers and audiobooks. Should your student and school find themselves at odds with these goals, Kaeser Law Firm can be on your side to represent your child in mediation, informal resolution sessions and due process proceedings.

    In an effort to protect the rights of families, the law is very clear that parents have the right to seek reimbursement of their reasonable attorneys’ fees if they prevail at a due process hearing.

  • Regional Center Services

    While our practice focuses on representing families and children in special education matters, we also help families with early intervention services. The Early Start Program is California’s response to federal legislation ensuring that early intervention services to children from birth to 36 months old, with disabilities and their families are provided in a coordinated, family-centered system of services that are available through local regional centers. The purpose of early intervention is to lessen the effects of the disability or delay. Services are designed to identify and meet a child’s needs in areas of physical development, cognitive development, communication, social or emotional development, and adaptive development.  The hope is that these services, provided early, will address any delays in development so that your son or daughter will not need services later on. Services available through Regional Centers can include speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy, provided either in an office or in the child’s home. We can help you protect your child’s rights related to any alleged violation of federal or state statutes/regulation governing California’s Early Start Program, including eligibility and services, or related to a proposal or refusal for identification, evaluation, assessment, placement, or services. We can help prepare and refine Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP), Individual Program Plans (IPP) and can help you resolve disagreements through representation and preparation for Mediation, Due Process Hearings or filing a state complaint. Whether you’re advocating for an increase in respite care, fighting for the service that best fits your loved one or contesting an eligibility determination, we want to help.

  • Civil Litigation

    Post hearing resolutions and other matters related to disability discrimination in the community.

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